60 years of Jesuit Volunteers: JVC Northwest

This year, we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of JVC Northwest and the service of Jesuit Volunteers. An organization with deep roots in the Northwest, it has and continues to transform volunteers and  communities alike. Enjoy a few stories from those who’ve been a part of the 60-year movement of Jesuit Volunteer service.

Focus: the bi-annual print newsletter of JVC Northwest

Connecting the JVC Northwest community through reflections and updates from current and former Jesuit Volunteers, board, staff, and news from the JVC Northwest programs.

Fall 2016 Focus
In this Fall edition, we continue to highlight the rich history of the JVC movement- particularly the expansion of JV communities during the 60s and 70s. Barb Gaffney (Fairbanks, AK ’69-70) and Mark Griffin (Portland, OR ’71-73) share experiences from those formative years, and current JV Amanda Peters (St. Xavier, MT ’16-17) reflects on what it’s like to serve during the 60th anniversary. Also in this issue are photos of this year’s 25 JV communities, the 2015-16 Annual Report, and much more.

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