Our Team

Angie Hummel, Program Coordinator

Growing up in the land of 10,000 lakes and many more Lutherans, Angie is appreciative of how her home state (Minnesota) and ever-evolving cradle Lutheran identity has inspired her numerous adventures, rich community life, and a deeper passion for justice. Her upbringing influenced her decision to attend Augustana College (SD), one of many Lutheran, liberal arts colleges in the upper Midwest. During college, her study abroad and service learning experiences were incredibly formative, further prompting Angie to work and live in Germany and then become a member of the Lutheran Volunteer Corps. After her year of service at a transitional housing non-profit in Washington, DC, Angie felt ready to return to the homeland and work for her alma mater. Though Angie loved the dynamism of Higher Education, Angie felt a tug to engage in graduate studies and training that addressed our human response to suffering, from personal trauma to systemic oppression to environmental crises, and the factors that contribute to healing and transformation. The stars aligned when Angie discovered the counseling program at Lewis & Clark in Portland, which centralizes the ecological-feminist-multicultural lens when collaborating with individuals, families, and communities to effect change.


As a program coordinator, Angie is eager to apply newly obtained skills and knowledge while continuing to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of the Pacific NW. She is thrilled to be a part of the JVC Northwest community, where interests and values come together, and to have the opportunity to journey with volunteers as they live, serve, and discern in community. A lover of good conversation and food, Angie looks forward to sharing many meals and chats with volunteers, colleagues, and the committed and passionate members of the JVC Northwest network. Favorite conversation topics include: ice cream, the Sound of Music, Wimbledon, Jimmy Fallon, commuter biking routes, top reads of all time, existentialism, and, last but not least, the JVC Northwest core values.


Want to contact Angie? Email her or give her a call at 503-335-8202.