Our Team

Christie Costello, Recruitment & Marketing Manager

After a few early years in the South and East Coast, Christie spent most of her childhood in Southern California. She studied Peace & Justice and Conflict Studies at Regis University, and developed a passion for community and justice issues during a year living in Romero House, a Regis program similar to JVC Northwest. Excited to explore ideas of community, justice, simplicity, and spirituality more deeply, without also balancing the demands of school, joining JVC Northwest was a natural and long-awaited step after graduation. Christie was a JV in Portland, OR (ā€˜09-10) and Hillsboro, OR (ā€˜10-11), first serving domestic violence survivors in shelter and later providing community education about intervention/prevention of abuse. Christie loves spending time exploring Portland, generally with a camera in hand, at parks, shows, hiking trails, cafes, or any of the many wonderful places the city has to offer. Sheā€™s very excited to talk with potential applicants about what a year of service in the Northwest might be like for them!

Want to contact Christie? Email her or give her a call at 503-335-8202.