Our Team

Jessica Bridges, JV Program Coordinator

Jessica grew up in a rural town in Texas, where the front porch was a site for haircuts, watermelon, and collecting ladybugs.  She has lived in cities around the Southeast in her adult years, where porches became a place for writing haikus and late night chats.  She studied and served in Chile, and has traveled with mission groups to other South  American countries.  She’s lived in intentional community in various forms, originally with Sojourners, a Christian peace and justice organization.  Jessica is United Methodist, and her Divinity education is centered around intentional community and ecological justice.  She has also lived and served with folks with intellectual disabilities in various locales, most recently with L’Arche Atlanta.  She has become fascinated and passionate about how persons are formed in intentional community and direct service, so she is pleased to be accompanying JVs on their journeys of thinking, doing, and being with service and community.

Want to contact Jessica? Email her or give her a call at 503-335-8202.