Can I bring my car? Computer? Cell phone?

A year as a Jesuit Volunteer is about stretching yourself to live without some modern daily conveniences.  Being in a place of discomfort can stretch us and teach us about the value of living in the present moment, how to be creative in how we spend our time, keep us in closer solidarity with those we serve, and actually free us to focus on what is most valuable in our lives.  For these reasons we encourage JVs to think very seriously about technology and modern conveniences.

There are some service positions which require a car. If the position does not require a car, then JVs should not bring a car to their locale at any point during the year.

Throughout the year, JVs are challenged to see what they can live without, including computers, cell phones, iPads, and other technology. If JVs decide to bring them, they will be encouraged to reflect on how often they use them and how they impact those around them. JVC Northwest might not be right for applicants who think they are not ready to be challenged in this way.

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