Can my family or friends come visit JVs?

Family and friends are welcome to visit a volunteer during their JV year, as long as it does not interfere with JVC Northwest obligations, such as area director visits or retreats. We generally discourage visits during the first four weeks of service, as this is an important time for the community to build relationships with one another and settle into their service and life in their new place. When hosting visitors, a guideline for consideration is whether or not the visit will disrupt the community. For example, family and friends who visit for a few days usually leave with a better understanding of the JV’s experience, and the community members often enjoy meeting their community member’s family and friends. Extended visits that last a week or more are not acceptable, as they will inevitably interfere with the commitments and daily routines of a JV community. We encourage JVs to talk with their communities about potential guests and schedules before they confirm the visit with their friends or family.

Posted in: 5. Life as a Jesuit Volunteer

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