2. Application Process

When is the application due?

Our application for the 2021-22 service year will be open in Fall 2020. If you would like to be notified when the application goes live, please reach out to our Recruitment Coordinator, Chris Suriano, at csuriano@jvcnorthwest.org.

Please note that a complete application includes the following:

  • complete application form
  • three reference forms
  • resume
  • transcripts
  • essays

What does the application process look like?

  1. Submit completed application; applicant will receive confirmation once application is complete (including all references)
  2. JVC Northwest staff determines who will be offered interviews on a rolling basis; applicant interviews with one staff member via phone
  3. If accepted, staff will work with applicant and JV program team to determine the best position match for each applicant
  4. Generally within two weeks of being interviewed, accepted JV is matched with a position and agency
  5. Applicant is offered a few days to decide whether to interview with the agency
  6. JV interviews with agency within one week
  7. After the agency interview, JV has one week to decide to commit to the agency and position for the JV year. The agency also decides if the JV interviewed is a good fit for their position.
  8. Once the JV and agency have decided each other is a good fit, then the application and matching process is complete!

What types of transcripts are accepted?

Official or unofficial transcripts are acceptable.

How long do the application essays need to be?

The Part A essay should be two to three pages total (using MS Word, 12pt font, and double-spaced). Part B asks for a paragraph response to each question. Please keep paragraphs to around six to eight sentences each.

How do current JVs apply for an additional year?

JVs interested in an additional year should complete the Additional Year Application. If applying from JVC, JVs should request that their original JV application be transferred to our office. As part of this application, JVs will need to submit essays and references from two community members, their program coordinator, and their site supervisor.

How can I check the status of my application (i.e. what pieces have been received)?

Feel free to contact the JVC Northwest office at 503-335-8202 or reach out to our Recruitment Coordinator, Chris Suriano, at csuriano@jvcnorthwest.org.

How are interviews conducted? Do I need to interview in-person?

Interviews are conducted over the phone with a JVC Northwest staff member, and generally last one to one-and-a-half hours. We encourage all applications to reflect on the questions provided in the Discernment Packet prior to their interview.

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