2. Equity at JVC Northwest

In what ways does JVC Northwest foster an inclusive environment for LGBTQIA2S+ JVs?

At Orientation we provide LGBTQIA2S+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or questioning, intersex, asexual, two-spirit) Awareness Training for all JVs. We also have a mentorship program provided by Former Jesuit Volunteers (FJVs) and JV EnCorps members for JVs who identify as LGBTQIA2S+. In addition, as part of JV Identity Groups, you can join the GayVC group, where you can receive support and build strong relationships with other JVs and staff who identify as LGBTQIA2S+. As part of our respect for gender identities, we practice pronoun use in our own organization as part of introductions, and ask JV communities and our partners to do the same. We recognize many cultures and languages have genderless language, and welcome individuals not sharing pronouns if it is not a practice in your culture. 

In what ways does JVC Northwest foster an inclusive environment for BIPOC JVs?

At Orientation, we provide trainings to all JVs on Intercultural Skills for Equity, along with a Navigating White Spaces training for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) JVs. We also have a mentorship program provided by Former Jesuit Volunteers (FJVs) and JV Encorps members for JVs who identify as BIPOC. In addition to our Spring and Fall retreats for all JVs, we also have two annual BIPOC-only retreats. And as part of JV Identity groups, you can join the BIPOC, Interracial, Mixed Race, White Passing group where you can receive support and engage in meaningful conversation with other JVs who hold similar identities. 

I have a disability. How can JVC Northwest support my needs?

We have a mentorship program provided by Former Jesuit Volunteers (FJVs) and JV EnCorps members for JVs who experience ability/disability. In addition, as part of JV Identity groups, you can join the Ability group which is designed for people with the experience of physical, mental or emotional distress including chronic illness, different physical, intellectual, or developmental abilities, and experience managing their mental health. This is designed as a supportive space for JVs to become resources for each other throughout the year, and to experience peer support for understanding and navigating accommodations and self-advocacy. JVC Northwest staff can assist with making reasonable accommodation requests at your service site or in your community and JV home. We also support service and emotional support animals, though we cannot mandate that partner agencies allow emotional support animals to be at service with JVs. Let us know if you plan on bringing a service or emotional support animal or if there are accommodations you’d like to request.


In what ways does JVC Northwest foster learning about whiteness for JVs who identify as white?

An important part of our work to be an anti-racist organization is examining and dismantling characteristics of white supremacy culture—in JVC Northwest’s history and present experience with volunteers. Throughout the program year, white JVs participate in a White Accountability Group throughout the year. This is our only required meet-up group, focused on learning about whiteness and its role in creating and perpetuating systems of oppression. White JVs are encouraged to be already engaging in their own learning before entering a year of service with JVC Northwest.

I’m not Christian. How does JVC Northwest support JVs who practice different religions or are nonreligious?

We welcome JVs who identify with any religion, or who are nonreligious. What we ask of all JVs is the willingness to engage in respectful and open-minded dialogue about spirituality, and to commit to a practice of reflection. JV communities switch off leading weekly Spirituality Nights, which provide opportunities to express your own spirituality, lead others through a reflection or spiritual experience, and learn about other faith perspectives. In addition, as part of JV Identity Groups, you can join the Non-Christian group where you can process the year through a non-Christian lens with other JVs.  

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