3. Financial Considerations

Do I need to pay money or fundraise to participate in the program?

No, volunteers do not need to pay or help fundraise to be a part of JVC Northwest.  Thanks to generous financial support from government grants and private foundations, as well as thousands of individuals and former volunteers, we do not require volunteers to contribute financially to be a Jesuit Volunteer. Many JVs’ family and friends have also made donations to JVC Northwest to contribute to the program and support the JV during their service year.

What if I have student loans?

As a JV, you may qualify for student loan deferment, forbearance, or income-driven repayment plans. Check with your lending institution to determine if you qualify and what steps need to be taken to make this possible. Non-AmeriCorps positions usually have a different process for forbearance than AmeriCorps positions. It will be important to explain to your lending institution that you are going to be involved in full-time service and receive a minimal living stipend. If needed, JVC Northwest can send a verification letter to the lender after the start of the service year. For JV AmeriCorps members, there is also an opportunity to receive an AmeriCorps Education award to help pay student loans. For more information on ways to reduce and postpone student loan payments, AmeriCorps forbearance and the Segal Education Award, see the AmeriCorps FAQ.

Does JVC Northwest offer the AmeriCorps Education Award?

Yes, JVC Northwest currently offers the AmeriCorps Education Award to most of our Jesuit Volunteers who successfully complete the full year of service. The few positions that are not AmeriCorps eligible:

  1. provide service not funded by AmeriCorps, such as ministry or advocacy, or
  2. are simply not eligible due to the limited amount of funding.

The Corporation for National and Community Service will offer up to $6,195 for a full-time award. Upon successful completion of the service year, the award can be used to pay existing student loans or put towards tuition at an approved U.S. college or graduate school.

See the AmeriCorps FAQ for more information.

How do I pay for basic living costs?

JVC Northwest provides each volunteer with a monthly living allowance to cover basic costs of living such as housing, utilities, and food. Each community pools their monthly living allowances to cover these shared costs. Volunteers also receive a $100 monthly stipend for personal expenses.

Do Jesuit Volunteers receive medical insurance?

Basic health care is provided to JVs beginning the first day of Orientation and for the duration of the service year.  Co-pays and prescriptions can be covered by JVC Northwest up to a certain amount. This basic insurance does not include dental or optical coverage. JVs can also choose to remain on an existing plan they may already be on.

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