How is JVC Northwest connected to the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits)?

JVC Northwest is rooted in the Jesuit Catholic tradition and guides our mission and vision. Whether Catholic or of another spiritual tradition, Jesuit Volunteers must be open to sharing their stories and hearing others’ stories as well. Jesuit Volunteers often draw inspiration and direction from the traditions of the Jesuits, whether or not they were already familiar with these traditions, but also seek to explore their spiritual lives in other ways.

St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, sought to integrate a life of prayer with active work and service. Ignatian spirituality is realistic; it invites us to become more deeply aware of our experiences in everyday life, discovering the Divine in all things. As we do this, we become more conscious of God’s presence with us and more aware of how we might act in a God-centered way, especially in service to others. Like Jesuits, Jesuit Volunteers are called to where God, people, and places will best be served.

JVs are given opportunities to learn about and share elements of Ignatian Spirituality during three retreats, weekly community gatherings, and optional spiritual direction sessions. As founders and supporters of the JVC Northwest, the Jesuits provide support and act as resources to many JV communities.

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