How is JVC Northwest different from other service opportunities and programs?

One of the ways JVC Northwest is distinct from other service programs is the incorporation of spirituality into the experience. JVC Northwest is rooted in the Ignatian tradition of faith-directed service. JVC Northwest was co-founded by the Jesuits, who continue to support and fill an integral role in the on-going success of the program. JVs come from a variety of faith backgrounds and commit to sharing their traditions while finding common ground through service and the mission, and incorporate faith into their everyday lives and desire to work for justice.

The service opportunities available through JVC Northwest also differentiate us from other service programs in a few ways:

  • Cross-cultural opportunities: Our program offers a number of cross-cultural opportunities, so JVs may be serving in Alaskan Native, Native American, or Spanish speaking communities, as well as in urban and rural settings.
  • Diverse types of service: The types of service JVs engage in ranges from social work, education, health care, legal work, advocacy and community organizing, as well as working with people experiencing mental illness, disabilities, homelessness, and domestic violence.


We are also different in that we provide a great amount of support to JVs throughout the year. Support can come from each volunteer’s direct community, from local support people, the JVC Northwest area director, three retreats, and the large network of former volunteers. From the moment you become a JV, you are linked to the largest network of former volunteers serving in a faith-based program in the country. The quality of support and involvement from former JVs is unrivaled by other programs. Many JVs gain relationships with like-minded individuals that last a lifetime!

¿Hablas español?  ¡Tenemos un puesto para ti!    

Muchos de nuestros voluntarios trabajan con la comunidad latina, usando diariamente su habilidad de hablar en español.  Busca los puestos ubicados en las ciudades siguientes para más información: Yakima, Gresham, Wenatchee, Hood River, Portland, Hillsboro, Boise, y Seattle.  ¡Piensa en la oportunidad de usar tu español aquí en el noroeste!

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