I have a disability. How can JVC Northwest support my needs?

We have a mentorship program provided by Former Jesuit Volunteers (FJVs) and JV EnCorps members for JVs who experience ability/disability. In addition, as part of JV Identity groups, you can join the Ability group which is designed for people with the experience of physical, mental or emotional distress including chronic illness, different physical, intellectual, or developmental abilities, and experience managing their mental health. This is designed as a supportive space for JVs to become resources for each other throughout the year, and to experience peer support for understanding and navigating accommodations and self-advocacy. JVC Northwest staff can assist with making reasonable accommodation requests at your service site or in your community and JV home. We also support service and emotional support animals, though we cannot mandate that partner agencies allow emotional support animals to be at service with JVs. Let us know if you plan on bringing a service or emotional support animal or if there are accommodations you’d like to request.


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