Why is JVC Northwest separate from JVC based in Baltimore?

The entire JVC movement began here in the Northwest in 1956, when a few volunteers helped build and teach in the new Copper Valley School in Copper Valley, Alaska. The program soon expanded beyond AK, and in the 70s and 80s, our program inspired the opening of five regions of JVC (Midwest, East, Southwest, South, and one international region), each an independent non-profit.

In 2007, all JVC regions decided to join together as one central program in Baltimore. However, after a long Ignatian discernment process, JVC Northwest discerned to remain independent and locally based to best serve our local and regional communities. JVC Northwest and JVC are now sister organizations that recruit alongside each other but now have different missions and opportunities for their volunteers. Learn more about the differences here.

JVC Northwest has been the catalyst for many other faith-based volunteer organizations, and served as a model for the U.S. Peace Corps.

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