What do most volunteers do after they serve in JVC Northwest?

Some former Jesuit Volunteers (FJVs) go on to graduate school (social work, education, law, medicine, etc.), some take paid jobs at their placements or elsewhere in their service location, some pursue faith-based peace and justice work in the U.S. and internationally, others find jobs elsewhere. Some FJVs will begin work in the field they were planning to enter before their JV experience and bring with them their invaluable JV experience as a guide.  Some JVs find a new direction and interest during their JV year and decide to pursue jobs or careers they may not have imagined before joining JVC Northwest. There is also an opportunity for a second year of volunteer service with JVC Northwest. In general, volunteers gain valuable work and life experience that is well-respected by employers and graduate schools and helpful in many future pursuits.

Posted in: 5. Life as a Jesuit Volunteer

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