What does the application process look like?

  1. Submit completed application; applicant will receive confirmation once application is complete (including all references)
  2. JVC Northwest staff determines who will be offered interviews on a rolling basis; applicant interviews with one staff member via phone
  3. If accepted, staff will work with applicant and JV program team to determine the best position match for each applicant
  4. Generally within two weeks of being interviewed, accepted JV is matched with a position and agency
  5. Applicant is offered a few days to decide whether to interview with the agency
  6. JV interviews with agency within one week
  7. After the agency interview, JV has one week to decide to commit to the agency and position for the JV year. The agency also decides if the JV interviewed is a good fit for their position.
  8. Once the JV and agency have decided each other is a good fit, then the application and matching process is complete!

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