Mary Franz

Graduate of College of St. Benedict
Served in Boise, ID ‘16-17 & Yakima, WA ‘17-18
Registered Nurse and Outreach Coordinator
Terry Reilly Health Services


I served as a registered nurse at Terry Reilly, a non-profit primary health care organization that provides access to health care for the vulnerable and marginalized in Boise and surrounding cities. As a volunteer nurse, I serve a variety of people including those experiencing homelessness, immigrants, refugees, and low-income families. The majority of my patients do not have insurance and are receiving primary health care from our organization at a significantly discounted rate. At Terry Reilly, we welcomed all patients, insured and uninsured, to our clinics for medical, behavioral, and dental health services. I believe healthcare is a human right and am proud to have served an organization that is providing this essential resource to the community.


I chose JVC Northwest because it gave me the opportunity to enter intentionally into my nursing career and develop a professional foundation rooted in service to others. When discerning my post-graduation plans, I knew that I wanted an experience where I could grow personally, professionally, spiritually, and in relationship with others. These desires drew me to JVC Northwest and its four core values which have allowed me to deepen my understanding of who I am and who I hope to become as a nurse and as an individual.


Each day, I become more and more aware of my ability to make change in my community. Those surrounding me empower me to offer my best in every moment and to become aware of all the ways my life matters in the work of alleviating injustice. I must not only undo the damage that prejudiced systems perpetuate but to build something simultaneously. I have to join the collective counter force of both public health and hospital nurses who are serving, healing, listening, and advocating in the midst of uncertainty. I’ve learned that the greatest gifts I can offer this world are an open mind, open heart, and open hands.