Tim Sullivan

Graduate of Loyola Marymount University
Currently serving in Omak, WA
Academic Support Specialist at the Paschal Sherman Indian School
(Pictured above, center, with his Omak community)


As a JV, I wear many different hats. The majority of my time is spent working in the school’s literacy program, but I’ve been happy to do a variety of different things around campus, from decorating the halls to helping teachers. Outside of the classroom, I have been spending time with the students who stay overnight at the school’s dormitory—taking them on hikes, doing crafts projects, or supervising them during recreation time.


I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the emphasis placed on community and simple living. JVC Northwest stresses the idea of living intentionally, both through our service and in our communities. I hadn’t given much thought to the idea of being thrown into a house with four strangers, [but] after four months, I’ve been able to examine my own actions and impact on those around me through an entirely new lens.


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