Apply for an Additional Year

’18-19 Additional Year JVs from both JVC Northwest and JVC, based in Baltimore at Orientation.

Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest welcomes and encourages applications from volunteers wishing to serve for an additional year, whether they served first with:

  • JVC Northwest, or
  • JVC, based in Baltimore


This is a wonderful opportunity for current or former JVs (at most, one year out) looking to deepen their experience of our four values and are committed to continuing a counter-cultural lifestyle. We are happy to support additional year applicants throughout their discernment processes.

If you are currently serving in another service program (faith-based or not, such as AmeriCorps, Lutheran Volunteer Corps, etc.), please fill out the first year application.

Priority Deadline and Timeline

The 2019-20 application will be available starting on December 19, 2018.


The Priority Deadline to apply will be February 19, 2019. We will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.

If your application is complete by the priority deadline (including references), you will be able to interview and be considered for acceptance and positions before first year applicants. If you are interested in staying in your current JV position, please consult with your supervisor, then notify Sarah Jones as soon as possible.

Start Your Application

The 2019-20 application will be available starting December 19, 2018.


With the online application, you’ll be able to start, save, and resume the application within 30 days.

A complete application includes:

  • Additional Year Application
  • Updated Resume
  • Four References- you are responsible for emailing them these forms!
    • Supervisor Reference
    • Program Coordinator Reference
    • TWO Community Mate References
  • If applying from JVC in Baltimore- your first year application. Please have JVC forward this to



Contact Lindsey Boulais, Recruitment and Marketing Manager, at 503-335-8202 or at

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