JV Flex Partner Agency Recruitment Resources

Recruitment for the 2021-22 JV Flex cohorts is well under way! While we recruit prospective JVs (PJVs) from various regions of the country, we are also aiming to reach PJVs who are a part of the Portland and Seattle communities in which our partner agencies operate and serve. Can you help us reach future JVs from your community?

The top three ways that partner agencies can help us recruit are:

1. Share stories of your partnership with JVC Northwest and your organization’s relationship with JV/AmeriCorps members past and present.

2. Connect us with other community organizations you work with so we can introduce ourselves and the program.

3. Direct interested candidates to learn more at jvcnorthwest.org/jvflex or reach out to us at recruitment@jvcnorthwest.org.

Below are some templates, graphics, and examples of ways you can easily communicate what a year of service is like with JVC Northwest. The quickest way for prospective volunteers to find out more information is by visiting jvcnorthwest.org/jvflex.

Thank you for your collaborative effort to make our 2021-22 pilot year successful! Please reach out to recruitment@jvcnorthwest.org with any questions or ideas.

Email/Newsletter or Social Media Message Template

Simply copy and paste all or parts of this message into an email or newsletter for your audiences, or download it as a Word document here.

Newsletter Copy 

Do you care about social and environmental justice? Do you want to engage with community in new and authentic ways? A year of service with JVC Northwest might be right for you! JVC Northwest is excited to launch JV Flex, a service program in Portland and Seattle. 

JV Flex responds to community needs by supporting and partnering volunteers with local organizations. As a Jesuit-affiliated volunteer program, JVC Northwest provides opportunities for formation and personal growth in community, social and ecological justice, simple living, and spirituality/reflection, as well as extensive support through retreats (including two BIPOC-only retreats!), and dedicated program staff.  

As a JV AmeriCorps member, you’ll receive career and skill-building opportunities in rewarding fields, and meet monthly with your local cohort. Additionally, as a JV AmeriCorps member, you’ll also receive healthcare, childcare (if needed), an AmeriCorps living allowance of $15,100, and the $6,345 AmeriCorps education award upon completion to use for prior loans or further study. 

Where will a year lead you? Visit jvcnorthwest.org/jvflex to learn more. 

Social Media Copy 

Considering your next chapter in life? Gain valuable leadership skills and make a difference by joining JV Flex, an AmeriCorps program of JVC Northwest in Portland and Seattle. In JV Flex, you’ll spend a year diving into social and environmental justice, while being supported by a local cohort of fellow volunteers. A reflective, purpose-driven life is just around the corner. Visit jvcnorthwest.org/jvflex to find out where a year can lead you!  

Digital Media Graphics

Pair one of the graphics below with the sample message above to post on social media, send in an email, or share on your blog. Click on the image and then download it to your device.

JV Flex Color Flyer PDF (Click to Download)

Sample Blog or Newspaper Article

Depending on the structure of your organization, many people within your network may not even be aware that a Jesuit Volunteer/AmeriCorps member is serving with you. Profiling the ways that your JV is increasing your organization’s capacity and making a positive impact can be a great way to both raise the visibility of your organization and introduce people to the JVC Northwest program.

Take a look at how Nancy Molina, a JV Site Supervisor at The Rosewood Initiative in Gresham, OR, shared the impact that last year’s JV had at the organization. JVC Northwest is always happy to share blog articles or social media that our partner agencies have published. If you want to collaborate in advance, email us at recruitment@jvcnorthwest.org.

Partner Agency Feature by Nancy Molina, Refugee and Immigrant Hospitality Outreach

Additional Resources

  • JV Flex Webpage: Our JV Flex recruitment page will introduce prospective volunteers to the program, positions, and how to apply.
  • Recruitment Video: This brief video serves as a great introduction to the JV Flex program.
  • Social Media: Follow @jvcnorthwest on Instagram and Facebook, and share our messages.
  • JV Flex Blog Post: This post introduces JV Flex and provides a chart that compares it to our other programs
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