Bend house needs

Thank you for considering donating to our new Bend house. Below is the most updated list of items that we need.

If you have donations, please contact Amy Potthast,, to coordinate dropping items off. Please fill out a JVC Northwest In-Kind Donation Form and bring it with you when you drop off your items.

  • Smaller items may be delivered to our Milwaukie, OR, office.
  • Larger items may be delivered (by appointment) at the JV house in Bend.

Thank you!

2 welcome mats
3 small area rugs

1 ea. trash, recycling, compost bins

Bathrooms (2 bathrooms)
2 plungers
1 small trash bin
1 hanging shower caddy

Bedrooms (3 bedrooms)
2 single mattresses
4 box springs
4+ pillows and pillow cases
5 mattress pads
4+ sets of sheets
4+ comforters

4 night stands
Clothes hangers

1-3 clothes hampers
3 small trash bins

1 working bicycle
Bicycle pump and repair kits (with oil)
Bike locks, lights, helmets, fenders, saddle bags, racks, and reflectors

Board games and puzzles
Books (especially related to the four values)
Crafting supplies, paper, pens
Gardening supplies
Reel mower
1 broom
Extension cords, power strips
Basic tool box (still need: small nails, box-cutter, wrench, tape)
12 gallons of water and Meals Ready to Eat (for sheltering in place in emergencies)
Snow shovel(s)

VCR/VHS tapes or DVD player/DVDs

Cash or Gift Cards
Staff and support people will purchase items not donated, as well as groceries to help the JVs get through the first day or so in the house.