Focus: The Bi-annual Print Newsletter of JVC Northwest

Connecting the JVC Northwest community through reflections and updates from current and former Jesuit Volunteers, board, staff, and news from the JVC Northwest programs.

This Spring 2019 Focus is the Advancing Equity Issue, detailing the equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice work to which JVC Northwest is committed. Highlights include a an interview with Bookda Gheisar (Spokane, WA ’84-85), an equity consultant guiding JVC Northwest’s equity plans; articles about serving with immigrants from Rick Adams (Wenatchee, WA ’18-19) and Vanessa G. Gutierrez from our Partner Agency, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project; the wisdom from a life of service from Jane Salisbury (St. Mary’s, AK ’78-80, JV EnCorps Portland, OR ’18-19); and much more.

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