People with and for Others

Fall 2020 Regional Retreat

During the fall retreat, JVs will be invited to think about how they continue to orientate themselves to be self-aware members in the communities in which live and serve, as well as their broader world. Desiring to be with and for others requires the contemplation of how our gifts, powers, privileges, and areas of growths allows us to encounter and love that-which-is-greater-than-ourselves in those that we encounter along the way. JVs will be offered space to reflect on how they can exist authentically in one’s various communities, engage openly, honestly, and equitably in conflict resolution, and practice the formation of right relationships -that is, loving a person based on how that person desires to be treated – with others and the Divine of their understanding.


Our Retreat will occur within our three retreat regions. There will be gatherings that are program wide (all three retreat regions) and some gatherings that are region specific. Not sure what your community’s retreat region is? See below regional information. Note: Big Sky/Mountain West schedule has both Mountain and Pacific time zones.

Meet Ups

Throughout the retreat weekend, we will host Meet Ups for individuals to gather to build community, ask questions, and be a resource for one another throughout the year. JVC Northwest staff members will convene each of these meetings. Consult your schedule to know when each meet up is occurring for your timezone and use the below links to access these gatherings. The below gatherings are listed in order of when they occur throughout the weekend.

Regional Information

Throughout the Retreat weekend, you will gather with your retreat region for some content. See below regionally specific information.


Program Coordinator: Adrianna Horsey

Communities in this region include: Anchorage, Bethel, Juneau, and Sitka, AK

Big Sky/Mountain West

Program Coordinators: Dana D’Onofrio and Matt Ferguson

Communities in this region include: Ashland, MT; Bend, OR; Billings, MT; Gresham, OR: Hays, MT; Hood River, OR; Missoula, MT; Spokane, WA; St. Xavier, MT; and Yakima, WA


Program Coordinators: Michelle Manning and Mo Wieser

Communities in this region include: Aloha, OR; Portland, OR (Mac and Morris Houses); Seattle, WA (Cherry Abbey and Mercy Houses); Tacoma, WA


Access resources and sign up sheets throughout the weekend here. Many of these resources can also be found in your community Google Drive.

To Do Lists and Sign Ups

Use the below links to access sign ups for Fall Retreat!

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