Our Team

Anthony DeLorenzo, Alumni Coordinator

I grew up and spent most of my life in Tacoma, Washington.  After somehow managing to convince myself to leave the City of Destiny, I went to Gonzaga University where I got a degree in Italian Studies.  Formally studying Italian culture was the start of ten years of exploration of how family history, culture, and sense of place all shape the world we live in. In the last few years I have been particularly interested in the forces that have made Italian Americans be perceived as both people of color as well as white people at different time periods in the United States.

I have worked professionally in leading youth gardening initiatives, doing educational outreach around homelessness, and as a caregiver for people with developmental disabilities.  Since becoming a part of the JVC Northwest team I have been drawn to the work of the organization’s Equity Committee, and am particularly interested in our work to make our programs inclusive and equitable for people with disabilities and people of color.


Want to contact Anthony? Email him or call him at 503-335-8202.