Our Team

Elizabeth Sensing, Recruiter

Elizabeth grew up in a small town south of Detroit, MI. While she graduated from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids with a Bachelors in Sustainable Business and Spanish, most of her time in college was spent coordinating service-learning trips and organizing meetings around social justice issues. She was a JV in Alaska in 2016-17, serving refugees and immigrants in the Anchorage community. She assisted clients in bus training to the medical center and ESL classes, set up apartments, coordinated in-kind donations, and gave outreach presentations. In her time in Alaska she hiked and stayed up late chatting with community mates about examining our place within systemic injustice. Elizabeth enjoys the “creative abundance” of simplicity: she likes to read, knit, complete dot-to-dot puzzles, take pictures, and create elaborate carb-based dishes out of pancake mix.

Elizabeth is passionate about mobilizing individuals to serve. As a recruiter, she loves building community on-the-go with Former JVs as well as inviting new friends to learn about JVC Northwest.

Want to contact Elizabeth? Email her or call her at 503-902-2770. You can also see her recruitment travel schedule here.