Our Team

Jessica Bridges, JV Program Coordinator

I grew up in rural north Texas, and my adulthood has mostly been spent in urban centers of the southeastern US, until leaping up to the Pacific Northwest. In college, I lived and served with folks with intellectual disabilities for the first time in Chile. After college, my fascination with intentional community was sparked at Sojourners, a Christian peace and justice organization. This experience, my love of the United Methodist Church, and childhood seeds of ecojustice planted by Captain Planet shaped my Divinity education. My desire to live in solidarity and mutual transformation later led to sharing life with L’Arche Atlanta, an intentional community of adults with and without disabilities. At JVC Northwest, I appreciate accompanying JVs on their own journeys in solidarity. I also serve on the EcoJustice Committee, helping to make our office a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) drop-off site, and supporting a staff alternative transportation challenge.

Want to contact Jessica? Email her or give her a call at 503-335-8202.