Our Team

Kyler Liu, JV Program Coordinator

My parents knew they wanted to name me something like Tyler or Kyle, but wanted to make it a little different. They decided to replace the “t” in Tyler with a “k”, or take away the “s” from Skyler to arrive at Kyler. In my life, I have only met enough Kylers to fit on one hand; maybe there will be more as the years pass by. I, with my unfamiliar name, grew up in rocky Colorado and sunny Southern California. After graduating from UC Berkeley, I served two years in AmeriCorps State and National programs. My first year was spent serving with elementary school students improving their literacy scores and encouraging reading outside of school in White Salmon, Wash. Then I headed down to Los Angeles, Calif., to teach elementary school students conflict resolution skills with a nonprofit called Peace First. When I finished my second year of AmeriCorps I moved to San Antonio, Tex., with my now wife, then girlfriend. In San Antonio, I worked as an Employment Specialist at Clubhouse, a nonprofit working with adults dealing with a mental health diagnoses. As a few years went by, the mountains and forests were calling my wife and me back to the Pacific Northwest, and we heeded the call. I knew I wanted to work at JVC Northwest as a Program Coordinator because I wanted to walk alongside volunteers in their year of service.  I also connected with the culture and values of JVC Northwest which spoke to who I am and how I want to be in this world.

Outside of JVC Northwest, I keep myself busy riding my bike, hiking, reading, and playing board games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Catan. I am also involved in local, state and national politics. Since the last election, I have been a part of several election campaigns serving as a phone banker, tabler, canvasser, and canvass captain. In the last presidential election, I not only experienced how important politics are, but also how fun it can be. I particularly enjoy canvassing, as it gives me the opportunity to check out nearby neighborhoods, build community, listen to people’s concerns and ideas, and get cool porch/landscaping ideas from the homes I visit.


Want to contact Kyler? Email him or give him a call at 503.335.8202.