Our Team

Maggie Ayau, Program Coordinator

Maggie Ayau, JV Program Coordinator

I grew up in the rainforests of Hilo on Hawai‘i Island, all of my childhood homes within sight of Mauna Kea and earshot of the Wailuku River. I spent my early life chasing waterfalls, eating poke, and stepping in puddles (despite the fact that Hilo is the fourth wettest city in the U.S., I didn’t wear a rain jacket until I was 17). That was when I moved to the Northwest…and I have been slightly cold ever since! After graduating from Whitman College in Washington, I began two years of service with JVC Northwest: from 2014-15 as a second grade teacher in Hays, Montana, and from 2015-16 as an academic support specialist in St. Xavier, Montana. During this time my understanding of the “Big Four”(our core values) grew fuller as I discovered the many complex ways these values show up across individuals, cultures, communities, and seasons of life. I decided I was not done learning about the values, so my adventures with JVC Northwest continued, first as a Recruiter and now as a Program Coordinator for Alaska: the Northwest of the Northwest! (Good thing I wear rain jackets now.)

Around the office I serve on the Fun Committee. It’s unclear whether I’m actually a fun person or whether I’m just a strong advocate for food-based social events. Either way, I think laughter and self-nurturance is an important part of justice work (I was also too clumsy to join the staff Safety Committee). At home, you might find me cohosting a spiritual formation/action collaborative, writing poetry, listening to a podcast, dog-watching at a local coffee shop, attempting to master a new soup recipe, or talking to my plants. I like hashtags, fireplaces, sourdough, teapots, and compound words.


Want to contact Maggie? Email her or give her a call at 503-335-8202.