Our Team

Mo Wieser, JV Program Coordinator/DEI Strategist (she/her, they/them)

My name is Mo and I use she/her and they/them pronouns. I hail from Recife, Brasil, but grew up in the Pacific Northwest, spending my childhood exploring the outdoors, whale watching, cleaning up beaches, and building trails. As a child, I had dreams of either becoming a paleontologist or car designer; neither career remotely interests me now, but it is fun to think about!

My first official job occurred when I turned 16 and joined a conservation crew in Oregon; spending summers thereafter living in intentional communities, building trails, camping, and traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest. These experiences launched my career and passion for ecological stewardship, volunteerism, and social justice.  In total, I’ve lived in intentional communities for three years, volunteering and working toward social and ecological justice.

This past March I completed my Masters of Social Impact degree, focusing on Racial Equity in nonprofit organizations.  Specifically, I studied how the language and actions of dominate culture used in nonprofits affect communities of color. This is a topic I am deeply passionate about, and I am excited to continue to learn the best ways to advocate for change.

Much of my free time is spent on the soccer field either playing or coaching. I also enjoy teaching my partner the art of card games, venturing into the wilderness to take nature pictures, reading books and eating (but not cooking) food.  I have a mischievous and protective kitten named KiZō (pronounced key-zoe) who enjoys chattering at birds and attempting to walk on her leash (well, she kind of just falls over when her leash is on…but we are working on it).

I am excited to be here at JVC Northwest!

Want to contact Mo? Email her or contact them at 971.353.6893.


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