Our Team

Phil Gerigscott, Communications Coordinator (he/him)

Born and raised in the western ‘burbs of Chicago, I eventually grew wings and ventured to the crossroads of America to study art education at Goshen College, a small Mennonite liberal arts school nestled in Northern Indiana. Beyond earning my B.A., it was there that my passion for restorative justice was nourished, my understanding of ecological justice was pushed beyond the catchy “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra, my understanding of privilege and power began to more heavily influence the way I interacted with the worldand it was also where I met my partner Emma. In 2016, after spending some time post-graduation as an elementary school art teacher, Emma and I (along with our beagle and parakeet) packed up and drove to Portland where she began her MFA. Before joining JVC Northwest, I spent the majority of my years in Portland managing the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, of which my absolute favorite part was building community with the many amazing volunteers who gave us their time and shared their gifts 

Communications Coordinator at JVC Northwest could not be a better fit when it comes to aligning my ethical passions with my creative fervorDuring my free time, you’ll find me creating all sorts of things: comics, music, videos, and animations, to name a few. When craving some vitamin D, I enjoy tending to my beehive, swimming in rivers, or lying in the dirt with grass between my toes 

Want to contact Phil? Email him or contact him at 971.353.6844.

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