Our Team

woman smiling in front of foliage

Qùynh Nguyễn, Recruitment Manager

I come from a water dragon (Lac Long Quan) and a fairy (Au Co) according to Vietnamese mythology. A more current history, I am a Vietnamese refugee who spent a formative year living in United Nations refugee camps across the Indonesian islands before arriving in Portland, Oregon to start school in the fourth grade. I come from tenacious parents who value faith, service, and education. Guided by their values, I joined the Peace Corps (PC) and served in Namibia after completing my studies at the University of Portland. My experience living in post-apartheid Namibia, witnessing deep community trauma, led me to study Peace and Conflict Transformation. I have dedicated my career serving in social services and nonprofits, from teaching in special education to program development in Portland and Oahu, Hawaii. Outside of work, I am active with the Asian Pacific Islander community. I enjoy gardening and traveling to connect with mentors, friends, and family.

Want to contact Quynh? Email her or contact her at 503.335.8202.