Our Team

Sarah McKay, JV Program Coordinator

Sarah (she/her/hers pronouns) is a New Englander who fell heart-first for the Northwest as a JV.  Born in St. Louis and raised in Connecticut, Sarah is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College, a small but mighty women’s college in Western Massachusetts.

Armed with a nifty new philosophy degree, Sarah served as a JV first in Missoula, MT at Western Montana Mental Health Center providing presence and support for those struggling with mental illness (and losing terribly at many games of Yahtzee!).  In her second year she coordinated and facilitated a curriculum to empower job training participants with personal and vocational skills at Catholic Charities Spokane Furniture Bank in Spokane, WA.  Through the experience of witnessing the challenges and barriers faced by those she served in Spokane, Sarah was drawn to the work of mentorship and empowerment, with a particular focus on youth.  She hopes to forever encounter new avenues to guide and empower individuals to feel their own strength and infinite worth in the world and is excited and grateful to accompany JVs in Montana through the blessings, brokenness, and budding growth of a JV year.

In her off hours, Sarah enjoys writing and reading poetry, listening to all the podcasts, walking barefoot, experimenting with her mystery CSA veggies, cuddling her sweet senior pup, and plucking bundles of fresh herbs from the wild Portland streets.  She is interested in art and writing as a means of healing, food as a portal for connection and justice, and the awesome strength of human beings.  As a person with a chronic illness and a queer woman, she is most passionate about issues of access to reliable and affordable healthcare, and the civil rights and justice issues surrounding the LGBTQI2A+ community.  Sarah listens almost exclusively to Top 40 and can poach an egg perfectly.

Want to contact Sarah? Email her or give her a call at 503-335-8202.