Our Team

Scott Pyzik, JV Program Coordinator (he/him)

Originally from Westminster, Maryland, I am the youngest of five children, and grew up with the childhood dream of being either a country music singer or a photographer for National Geographic. While I currently call the West Coast home, the East Coast still holds the highest concentration of people to know me as “Scotty” or “Scooter”.

I left Maryland and attended St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, where I studied English and Secondary Education. Following my time at St. Joe’s, I lived in Guayaquil, Ecuador as a volunteer with Rostro de Cristo. In addition to my beard and love for dancing salsa & bachata, I was most notably know for my introduction of myself as “eScott, como el papel,” or “Scott, like the (toilet) paper.” I spent my time visiting neighbors in the community of Monte Sinaí, as well as supporting the work of one of Ecuador’s five shelters that listens to, cares for, and empowers women and children coming from abusive home situations. In returning back to the States, I became “Mr. Pyzik”, “Mr. Pyz”, or “Mr. Art” to my students at Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School, where I served as the Art Teacher and member of the school’s Service Corps. I then went on to pursue a graduate degree in Theology and Ministry, with a concentration in Hispanic Ministry, at Boston College. After graduating in May 2018 and spending a few months enjoying time with my family, I am excited to be a part of the JVC Northwest community as the Program Coordinator for the Aloha, Tacoma, and Seattle JV communities.

In my free time, I often think about how hospitality and simplicity support one another in the work for a more just world. I enjoy broadening my own perspectives via podcasts, books, and storytelling. I am an avid gardener and plant dad, and feel particular enthused when I am able to cook what I have grown. I see the art of do-it-yourself –particularly creating practical items from thought-to-be unusable or unwanted items– an enjoyable and spiritual practice of caring for creation. I also enjoy making hammocks and candles especially when I am able to gift them to friends or loved ones. In an effort to stay connected with my community and chosen family spread far and wide, I create and share an annual playlist of my favorite music from the year, as well as send handwritten letters. I look forward to biking and hiking in Portland and throughout the Pacific Northwest!

Want to contact Scott? Email him or contact them at 503.335.8202.

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