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JV Mentor Program

Mentorship Expands Your Community!

Read about what it means to have a mentor with JVC Northwest!

What is the Mentor Program?

JVC Northwest works to match any current Jesuit Volunteer/AmeriCorps member (JV) with a Former Jesuit Volunteer (FJV) or Jesuit Volunteer EnCorps member (JVE) who can provide additional support through the JV’s service year.

Additionally, we strive to intentionally connect Jesuit Volunteers/AmeriCorps members (JVs)  who hold underrepresented identities with mentors who hold similar identities, for extra support during their year.

Intentional Matching for JVs and Mentors who hold the following identities: 

  • Living with a disability

We are also offering mentorship for JVs who need:

  • Extra support managing mental health stressors
  • Extra support navigating their spiritual journey

JVC Northwest recognizes that connections between FJVs and current JVs have been happening for decades in an informal capacity through our strong network of FJVs across the country. We are grateful for the new-shared resources and capacity to develop a formal mentor program. 

A mentoring program is an intentional step for Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) Northwest to act on the goals of equity and inclusion.

Why Mentoring?

JVs might be interested in getting a mentor for additional support during their JV year. A mentor can provide another listening ear, support for reflecting on accomplishments, increased your awareness of one’s own talents, and confidential space to share experiences. 

All mentors have been JVs or JVEs before and therefore can relate to navigating a year of service within communities. 

We expect mentors and mentees to meet 1x/month or as planned by each party. We expect JVs will:

  • Actively communicate with their mentors
  • Create goals for their mentoring sessions
    • In particular, why do you want a mentor? 
    • How can this person help you?  
  • Be willing to grow and adapt self and practices. 
  • Reflect on identities and their intersections with systems of oppression.  

The Matching Process

JVC Northwest Staff works with the JV and the mentor to create a good match. If after meeting with the mentor, and if it does not feel like a good match, JVs can return to JVC Northwest and request a change.  A new mentor is not guaranteed at this point of the process, however.

The Mentor Matching Process

Mentor Search

JVC Northwest sends an email to Former JVs (FJVs) and JV EnCorps Members (JVEs), asking if people are interested in mentoring.

JVs Sign Up

Program Coordinators (PCs) introduce JV AmeriCorps members (JVs) to the Mentor Program during Fall Area Visit. JVs who are interested can sign up using the JV Mentor Website Page. 

JVs interested in intentional mentoring based on shared identities with an FJV will indicate that need on this form. 

JV's Choice

JVC Northwest Staff will match 2-3 mentor profiles to JVs interested in having a mentor. The staff member will send each individual JV an email with potential mentor matches.  If a JV indicated a desire for an intentional match, the JVC Northwest Staff member will send multiple options for mentors who match that identity. 

The JVs will have one week to decide who they want to be matched with. 


Once chosen, the JV will inform the staff member and the staff member will connect the JV and their chosen mentor via email. 

Schedule a Meeting

The JV and their newly matched mentor will coordinate a time to meet. Meetings can happen via phone, in person, Zoom, or whatever platform works best. 

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Upcoming Virtual Events

"JVC Northwest 101: Service and Community"

Thursday, April 7 | 7:00pm ET / 4:00pm PT
Learn about all that makes a year of service with JVC Northwest unique. We’ll talk about the opportunities available, what intentional community looks like, and dive into our values of social and ecological justice, simple living, and spirituality/reflection. There will also be plenty of time for Q+A. Register here. 

"How to Make Your Application Stand Out"

Wednesday, April 20 | 7:00pm ET / 4:00pm PT
Learn how you can position yourself to be a strong candidate for service with JVC Northwest. With one week left before the April 26 priority deadline, this will also be the perfect time to get a handle on each step of the application, interview, matching, and placement process. Register here. 

Zayna Abusada

JVC Northwest Recruiter

Zayna Abusada (Ashland, MT ’17-18, Anchorage, AK ’18-19) was most recently a JV in south-central Alaska serving with immigrant and refugee English-Language learners as the Academy for Citizenship and Civics Support Specialist with the Alaska Literacy Program (ALP) in Anchorage. Zayna first served with Indigenous students on the Northern Cheyenne and Crow Reservations. Originally from Iowa City, Iowa, Zayna went on to earn her undergraduate degree in History and Theological Studies with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies at Saint Louis University.