Host a Jesuit Volunteer (JV)

JV/AmeriCorps members are energetic, committed, and motivated individuals with fresh perspectives, bringing a strong educational background and goodwill to the agencies they serve. They serve full time in year-long service placements in areas of social and ecological justice, either serving with those who are marginalized in our society or on behalf of vulnerable ecosystems. We want you to join in our mission of engaging people in a transforming year of full-time service.

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) Northwest Partner Agency Application becomes available annually in early October and is due in November.

Key Dates for 2020-21 Agency Selection:

  • Tuesday, October 8, 2019: Agency application available online
  • Monday, November 18, 2019: Partner Agency application due by midnight
  • Monday, January 13, 2020: Partner Agency application re-opens for agencies interested in being considered for alternate status.
  • Monday, February 3-7, 2020: Partner Agencies notified of status

If you are a new agency interested in applying for a JV/AmeriCorps member, please email JV Program Manager, Sarah Jones, at sjones@jvcnorthwest.org, to schedule an initial conversation and get connected to the appropriate Program Coordinator.

Application Process and Timeline

A complete application for both new and current Partner Agencies includes:

  • An annual Site Visit with a JVC Northwest staff member (Program Coordinator or other staff member)
  • Application form submitted online, including the following documents uploaded:
    • A complete and submitted application
    • A complete position description
    • Audited financial documents (i.e. Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Activities, also known as a Profit and Loss Statement)

Timeline Overview:

  • October 8- November 18, 2019: 2020-21 Agency Application Available Online
  • November 2019- January 2020: Agency Application Review, Clarification and Selection
  • February 3-7, 2020: Agencies notified of status for 2020-21 Program Year
  • Mid-February – mid-July 2020: JV/AmeriCorps member Screening and Placement process
  • August 3 – 8, 2020: All JV/AmeriCorps member Orientation in Oregon
  • August 8-11, 2020: Local Orientation in JV locale
  • August 12, 2020: First Day of Service (note: JV/AmeriCorps members are not eligible to begin any aspects of their service before this date)
  • May 31, 2021: Last Day of Service for 10 month JV/AmeriCorps members
  • June 30, 2021: Last Day of Service for 11 month JV/AmeriCorps members
  • July 31, 2021: Last Day of Service for 12 month JV/AmeriCorps members


The Partner Agency Application is now closed. If you would like to apply to be considered an alternate position for the 2020-21 Program Year, please contact JV Program Manager, Sarah Jones, sjones@jvcnorthwest.org to receive application information.

NOTE: If your agency/program is applying for more than one JV/AmeriCorps position, we may not fulfill all of your requested JV/AmeriCorps positions. If you are applying for more than one JV/AmeriCorps member, please be in contact with your Program Coordinator to identify your positions in order of priority for your organization. You will be notified in February 2019 of your status and the number of JV/AmeriCorps member positions funded (if any).

Partner Agency Requirements

Before applying for a Jesuit Volunteer (JV)/AmeriCorps member, please review the following guidelines to ensure your agency will qualify for a volunteer. When a Partner Agency agrees to host a JV/AmeriCorps member, they commit to the following list of responsibilities:

Meaningful, Full-Time Service

Partner Agencies provide opportunities for the JV/AmeriCorps member to spend 40 hours per week in direct service, capacity building, training and enrichment, supervision, and staff meetings. This full-time position ensures that JV/AmeriCorps members who qualify for an Education Award are able to complete at least 1700 hours by the end of their service term. For a more detailed description of what constitutes direct service, please see the Partner Agency Handbook.

  • Eight hours per day, five days per week, with two consecutive days off per week, one being Saturday or Sunday.
  • Night service (after 6:00 p.m.) should not exceed two nights per week.
  • Placements that require overnight shifts must explicitly note this request in their position description, citing the hours and frequency in which overnights will take place.
  • The JV/AmeriCorps Member is not to be involved in fundraising (grant writing/research, planning or marketing fundraising events, appealing to donors for funding, etc.).

Orientation and Training

Provide the JV/AmeriCorps member with a warm welcome, introducing them to their site supervisor and other key staff on Day One of service; and introduce them at staff and team meetings as the new JV/AmeriCorps member. Explain why the agency and the broader community needs a JV/AmeriCorps member to do the service they will do. Orient them to the organization, and to key concepts and skills they will need to perform their duties, including social issues, client population, and processes to use when solving problems. Train them throughout the year in areas that the site supervisor and the JV/AmeriCorps member have identified; if on-site training is not available, help them locate low-cost off-site training. Help the JV/AmeriCorps member locate a professional mentor within the organization or at a peer organization. JV/AmeriCorps members may spend up to 10 percent of their time in training.

Supervision and Evaluation

The supervision and support of a JV/AmeriCorps member is critical, and Partner Agencies agree to designate a Site Supervisor who provides weekly supervision throughout the year as well as Mid-Year and End-of-Year Evaluations. Site Supervisors must participate in the JVC Northwest Site Supervisor Orientation Webinar in May & June, and AmeriCorps Site Supervisors return the signed Site Supervisor Contract with the Placement Agreement. Site supervisors attend a one on one meeting with the Program Coordinator and JV during the Fall Area Visit and one local group meeting during Program Coordinator’s Winter Area Visit. AmeriCorps Site Supervisors must also approve the JV AmeriCorps member’s monthly time log (online).

Weekly Supervision: It is vitally important to the well-being of your JV/AmeriCorps member for the agency to create an intentional, weekly meeting with their site supervisor. JV/AmeriCorps members often struggle to provide feedback to their supervisors, as well as to state their own needs or areas of dissatisfaction. Creating a weekly time together goes a long way to demonstrating your agency’s commitment to the JV/AmeriCorps-relationship; allows you to offer constructive feedback; and gives them the opportunity to share concerns, surprises, and challenges. When the agency and staff are busy, the JV/AmeriCorps member may not seek out the help they need to have a successful year and provide the service your agency needs.

Paperwork, Fees, and Compliance

Partner Agency Fees: We anticipate the Placement Fee to have a JV/AmeriCorps member for 2020-21 to be in the range of $13,000 – $15,500 for agencies in the Lower 48, slightly higher for Alaska placements (As always, our costs are dependent on renewed AmeriCorps funding.) Additionally, Partner Agencies pay a $140 retreat fee and pay for the JV/AmeriCorps members’ transportation to their permanent residence or new residence at the end of the service year. JVC Northwest cannot fully accept your agency as a partner site until a definite commitment is made to provide for the financial obligation. If a Partner Agency is hosting a returning Jesuit Volunteer who is not an AmeriCorps member, they agree to provide a $300 bonus for a JV serving a second year and a $500 bonus for a JV serving a third year. Agencies pay this bonus directly to the JV.

Certificate of Liability Insurance: Name JVC Northwest and your JV/AmeriCorps member in your liability insurance, and submit a COLI (proof of insurance) in July (just prior to the service year) and any time the certificate expires.

Federal Grants: Partner Agencies must inform JVC Northwest of any federal grant money used to subsidize the JV/AmeriCorps member, including the name of the granting agency, number of grant, and amount of grant money used.

No Displacement, No Duplication, and/or No Substitution: The JV/AmeriCorps member shall not displace any paid employee or current volunteer providing the same or similar service.

Monthly Time Sheets (online): The site supervisor approves the JV/AmeriCorps member’s hours online, on a monthly basis.

Performance Measures: Partner agencies must assist the JV/AmeriCorps member in submitting data to JVC Northwest for AmeriCorps grant performance measures.

Evaluation: JVC Northwest is required to have an external evaluation of the impact of our program within the first five years of our AmeriCorps grant. Partner agencies are expected to help provide necessary data needed for this independent external evaluation of JVC Northwest.

Compliance with all contracts and paperwork: Throughout the year, partner agencies and site supervisors are responsible for paperwork and meetings, such as the June/July Partner Agency webinar, the Placement Agreement, the Certificate of Liability Insurance, the Site Supervisor Contract, the fall Initial Placement Assessment, an organizational assessment, mid-term and year-end evaluations of the JV/AmeriCorps member, and monthly approval of the JV/AmeriCorps member’s timesheet. Additionally, the placement fee is due in three installments – September, December, and February (exact dates and amounts are in your placement agreement). If payment is going to be late for any reason, please contact our business office. Non-compliant partner agencies are less competitive during the fall agency selection process.

JV Benefits

Leave from Service: Partner Agencies agree to release JV/AmeriCorps members from service to attend JVC Northwest-sponsored events, such as the two annual retreats. In addition to holidays observed by the Partner Agency, the JV/AmeriCorps member is allowed 10 days’ vacation leave from service during the service year, the dates of which are to be negotiated with their site supervisor. Partner Agencies are to allow JV/AmeriCorps members to attend AmeriCorps-sponsored service days, such as Make a Difference Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Service Day.

Transportation: JV/AmeriCorps members walk, bike, or take public transit to their placements. A Partner Agency must provide a vehicle if it is required for the service position.

Safe and Drug-Free Workplace:Partner Agencies agree to maintain a drug-free workplace and adhere to the requirements under the Drug-Free Workplace Act (41 U.S.C. § 701 et seq.), as well as provide and maintain a safe environment for JV/AmeriCorps members.

No Discrimination and No Harassment: Partner Agencies are required to comply with the AmeriCorps Provisions regarding non-discrimination, Civil Rights and Non-Harassment (see AmeriCorps Provisions*).

Reasonable Accommodation: Partner Agencies are required to comply with the AmeriCorps Provisions and provide reasonable accommodations to JV/AmeriCorps members (page AmeriCorps Provisions*).

*AmeriCorps provisions are available here.

Grievance Procedure: Partner agencies must comply with the JVC Northwest AmeriCorps Program Grievance Procedure (see the Partner Agency Handbook).


Communication: In order to support Partner Agencies and JV/AmeriCorps members, timely communication with JVC Northwest regarding site visits, performance measures, and any proposed major changes in the nature of the position or supervision is essential. It is also important for Partner Agencies to notify JVC Northwest in a timely manner of any problems with the JV/AmeriCorps member’s performance, including failure to report to the site, unprofessional behavior, etc.

JVC Northwest as an AmeriCorps Program

In 2010, JVC Northwest became an AmeriCorps National Direct Grantee and in 2013, 2016, and 2019 this status was renewed for another three years, respectively. Due to this grant, the majority of Jesuit Volunteers are now also AmeriCorps Members. JV/AmeriCorps members who enroll in AmeriCorps are eligible to receive an Education Award to put toward school loans or future education, after satisfactorily completing their terms of service.

Most JVC Northwest Partner Agencies qualify to be AmeriCorps operating sites. Partner Agencies where the volunteer is engaged in advocacy or direct Catholic ministry do not qualify to be AmeriCorps operating sites. It is important that all Partner Agencies understand the AmeriCorps requirements and their ability to meet them.

In the Partner Agency Application it is important to demonstrate how the JV/AmeriCorps member will meet critical and compelling needs in the local community and enhance the mission of your agency without displacing employees. By providing accurate and detailed responses in the application, as well as by completing a detailed JVC Northwest Position Description, the partner agency provides important information for JVC Northwest as we place JV/AmeriCorps members and provide documentation to AmeriCorps.

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