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Recruitment for the 2021-22 cohort of JV/AmeriCorps members is well under way! While we recruit prospective JVs (PJVs) from various regions of the country, we are also aiming to reach PJVs who are a part of the Pacific Northwest communities in which our partner agencies operate and serve. Can you help us reach future JVs from your community?

The top three ways that partner agencies can help us recruit are:

1. Share stories of your partnership with JVC Northwest and your organization’s relationship with JV/AmeriCorps members past and present.

2. Connect us with other community organizations you work with so we can introduce ourselves and the program.

3. Direct interested candidates to learn more at jvcnorthwest.org/join or reach out to us at recruitment@jvcnorthwest.org.

Below are some templates, graphics, and examples of ways you can easily communicate what a year of service is like with JVC Northwest. The quickest way for prospective volunteers to find out more information is by visiting jvcnorthwest.org/join.

Thank you for your collaborative effort to make our 2021-22 JV year the strongest one yet! Please reach out to recruitment@jvcnorthwest.org with any questions or ideas.

Email or Newsletter Message Template

Simply copy and paste all or parts of this message into an email or newsletter for your audiences, or download it as a Word document here.

Step into an unforgettable year of service and community! Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) Northwest is seeking applicants to address pressing community needs and create a lasting impact across the Northwest.

In addition to their full-time service, Jesuit Volunteer/AmeriCorps members challenge society’s unjust systems, develop personal and professional skills, and become part of a life-long community of people working for justice, rooted in community, spirituality, and simple living. They also earn a living stipend and $6,345 towards education or to pay back student loans.

The final priority deadline to apply is April 14 and applications are accepted on a rolling basis after that date until all placements are filled. Service begins in August 2021. Learn more at www.jvcnorthwest.org/join.

Digital Media Graphics

Pair one of the graphics below with the sample message above to post on social media, send in an email, or share on your blog. Click on the image and then download it to your device.

Sample Blog or Newspaper Article

Depending on the structure of your organization, many people within your network may not even be aware that a Jesuit Volunteer/AmeriCorps member is serving with you. Profiling the ways that your JV is increasing your organization’s capacity and making a positive impact can be a great way to both raise the visibility of your organization and introduce people to the JVC Northwest program.

Take a look at how Nancy Molina, a JV Site Supervisor at The Rosewood Initiative in Gresham, OR, shared the impact that last year’s JV had at the organization. JVC Northwest is always happy to share blog articles or social media that our partner agencies have published. If you want to collaborate in advance, email us at recruitment@jvcnorthwest.org.

Partner Agency Feature by Nancy Molina, Refugee and Immigrant Hospitality Outreach

Additional Resources

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