Our Team

Karen Beal, JV EnCorps Program Manager (she/her)

Guiding the ongoing work of the JV EnCorps program aligns beautifully with my heartfelt trust in the affirmative power of communities that intentionally gather together in support of personal, social and ecological transformation.  This is the work of JV EnCorps and it’s my work too.  Over the years, as a counselor, spiritual director, teacher and director of social programs, my long-held mission has been to help others become most fully who they are in the context of service and community.  Thus, offering creativity and collaboration to a program that engages my own generational cohort in exploring values that are deeply rooted in Ignatian spirituality is a blessed opportunity to live out my mission for others while also being supported on my own journey to simplify my life, serve with others and maintain a disciplined spiritual practice and lens on life.

Want to contact Karen? Email her or give her a call at 971.353.6946.


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