Hello everyone!

My name is Lydia and I’m on staff here at JVC Northwest.  In just 10 days we’ll be kicking off our Orientation week as we welcome over 120 Jesuit Volunteers to our 2009-10 service year!

I invite you to check back once Orientation begins to find out what’s going on at camp.  I’ll be adding a new entry every day.  It should be a fun week!


5 thoughts on “welcome.”

  1. Tom’s blog from Alaska was very moving. Though I have only one rock climbing experience under my belt and we’re from different generations his reflections echo mind that took some 40 years to crystailize regarding my years as JVC in Alaska. Adelaide WILEY Loges JVC St. Marys Mission (Mission Nurse) , Alaska 64-76.

  2. That should have been JVC 1964 – 1967 not 1976. I left when I was down to my last dress thought that was not my reason for leaving. Adelaide Loges

  3. In large part as a result of my experience with the JVC, I wrote the following:

    In very few hours, such a small part of lifetime,
    People meet as they live on toward the answers of life.
    In a fleeting moment
    A bond sets
    and unites them forever as friends.
    Only time will tell the strength of that bond.
    As days add into months,
    And months add into years
    the union formed proved so valuable.

    In hard times, we listen and understand
    In good times, we rejoice
    And in peace, we share.

    Cap 1978

    Some 31 years later, there remains on this earth, friends for whom time has no meaning. We sit down as if the conversation never ended. We share with open heart. We trust implicitly. I wish today’s volunteers share half of what I have taken from my years active with the JVC.


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