off and running.

We’re talking about community at camp today.  One of the four values of JVC Northwest, community can be both a challenge and a wonderful opportunity for Volunteers.  Stacey and Josh Noem talked about their experience living in Sitka while asking the all important question of the new Volunteer communities: “what kind of milk will you buy?”  Believe it or not, this generated a large discussion among community members as they explored the ins and outs of many challenging new topics – a great start to a year of growth and understanding.

Jack Morris, SJ, founder of JVC Northwest, stopped by to give a talk on the history of the organization.  He discussed how “life lives us” as he called us all to do good work with what surrounds us.  He praised the work the volunteers are beginning and challenged us all to live life more aware.

Check out a great picture of our morning dancing and singing with Executive Director, Jeanne Haster and new Volunteer, Sinclair below!

Jeanne and Sinclair

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  1. Fr. Jack Morris,
    It is so good to hear that you are still working with JVC. You were so supportive during the two years I was In Zambia without the backing of the community that now exists for the volunteers. Hopefully, I will be able to join in this coming summer’s retreat. It would be so good to re-connect. Mary 1966-1968


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