Today we share a blog entry from Jess, a current JV in Ashland, Montana:

“Another quiet week in Ashland gives me the opportunity to write about one of JVC Northwest’s core values- simplicity.  As I’ve explained before, being a Jesuit Volunteer is about more than just service.  Becoming a JV means committing to living out the values of Community, Simplicity, Spirituality, and Social Justice.  Each of these values offers its own challenges as well as rewards.

Simplicity to me has come to mean not having everything I want, but being grateful that I have all the things I need.  It is about living in a way that is contrary to the messages sent to us by society, the media,  and our peers.  The value of simplicity challenges us to place more emphasis on spiritual values (happiness for example) than material possessions…”  Click here to continue reading!

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