staying present for the endgame.

New Area Director, Jillian, reflects on the value of simplicity amidst chaos:

“Along with a slew of other new folks, I am a new addition to the JVC Northwest staff.  While I’m so excited to get started, the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of meetings, trainings, planning for Orientation, learning new systems and schedules and getting to know my incoming JVs.  Whew!    At times I’ve felt as though the thread of my thoughts has become a tangled knot.  I’ve caught myself thinking that simplicity is a value that I might have to forgo for the time being, but sometimes simplicity just means choosing a different way of viewing the work you face.  I can choose to only approach a few tasks at a time.  I can choose to change my expectations on what I should be able to accomplish.  After work, I can choose to only do activities that energize me.  I can also choose to focus on the endgame:  the Northwest JVs and the people they work with.  Life gets busy.  We can’t always choose our pace, but we can still find ways to focus on what’s important.”

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