a new shed.

Julia, Lead Area Director, talks about the recent gift of construction to the JVC Northwest office space in Portland:

“Recently, Katie from Oregon Tradeswomen was walking by our community garden.  Our community garden is a place where people and non-profits in our neighborhood can have garden plots at no cost – we are only limited by the number of gardeners the land can hold!  Katie sent an e-mail to JVC Northwest asking if we could use a free shed for the garden tools.  Of course we could – what a gift!  Oregon Tradeswomen is a non-profit in Portland that works to promote the success of women in the trades.  The young women building our shed are part of the Build Girls program, in which 17-24 year-old women get paid to learn construction basics and see if they want to pursue a future in the trades.

They showed up and tore out overgrown vines, cleared an area for the 10’x15’ shed, worked on building a bigger and improved composting area, and put down the foundation…all in one day!  As they finish, this huge shed will not only house garden tools but will also serve as bike storage so our bikes stay dry and protected throughout the rainy winter months.  And all of this at zero cost to us.  Are you kidding me?!

To the ladies who helped us out, thanks for your inspiration, your hard work, and our amazing shed and compost area!”

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