advent activities.

Jamie, the Area Director for the Alaska communitites, would like to share the following:

“The season of Advent is now upon us, offering time to slow down and examine our lives and habits. Please join us in reflection either in person or in spirit!

For Portland-area FJVs, family, and friends, please come to our Advent Gathering! It will be this Thursday, December 9, from 6:30-8:30pm, at the MAC JV House—3924 N. Williams Avenue. There will be time for socializing, reflection, and caroling! Please bring a sweet or savory treat to share. Child care will be provided.

For all FJVs, family, and friends, please consider joining JVC Northwest staff during our Advent Challenge Week. During the week of December 13-17, JVC Northwest staff members will be committing to personal challenges—as a way to reflect upon the Advent season and to inspire the current JVs to do the same! Feel free to join us in one of the challenges below or to create your own challenges:

Have a TV-free week.

Eat only rice and beans or eat only what’s in your cupboards.

Spend time each day reflecting on the teachings of Jesus.

Skip that morning coffee and donate your saved money to an agency in need.

Practice a daily 5-minute meditation.

Turn off your home computer.

Watch and discuss the documentary What Would Jesus Buy?

Make all your own Christmas gifts.

Good luck with your personal challenges and reflection about these actions! We are wishing you an introspective and blessed Advent.”

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