second year discernment.

Susan, Area Director for the Ashland, Billings, Hays, and Missoula communities, would like to share the following:

“Now is the time when JVs can’t help but think about what’s next.  What will happen after my JV year? Where will I go? Home? Somewhere new?  Many are pursuing grad school, some are applying for jobs, and some are thinking there might be more to this JV experience that they’ve not discovered yet.  When I applied for a second year there was a real sense on not being done yet.  That there was more to learn and this program was the place to learn it.  I remember falling in love and wanting to see how far that love would take me.  Right now my thoughts are with all the current JVs considering a second year.  I wish them peace and clarity in their discernment.”

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