turn on, tune in.

Martha, JVC Northwest’s administrative assistant, would like to share the following regarding today’s State of the Union Address:

“I frequently run across articles and blogs that bemoan the “TMI” culture in which we live.  They encourage people to “turn off, tune out” and take a break from the flood of information available through the media/social-media. But it’s also important to recognize that these media can be useful tools for participation and civic engagement.  So, when President Obama presents his State of the Union Address in front of both houses of Congress tonight, I would encourage everyone to take a break from simplicity and tune into the speech tonight. While simplicity is one of our core values here at JVC Northwest, we also value the opportunity to learn about the President’s agenda for the coming year.     

Check out http://www.whitehouse.gov/state-of-the-union-2011 to learn more about how you can be an active participant in this event.  In addition to this link, get on to as many different media and social media sites as you can to learn different perspectives on the issues that will be addressed in the upcoming legislative session.  Engage one another in lively debates and don’t hesitate to play the devil’s advocate in discussing this year’s State of the Union!”

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