Anthony DeLorenzo, Cascades Area Director, sees how the role he filled as a JV has taken shape after he left:

“In my second year as a JV, I was placed with JOIN, an organization that works with the homeless in Portland to move them into permanent housing.  My role was to run JOIN’s weekend immersion outings.  The immersion  program makes connections between high school students, church groups, homeless service providers, and those who once were or currently are sleeping  outside.  It brings all these groups together in an educational setting to shed some light on the state of homelessness in the city and the daily life of someone without a home.  After nearly a year and a half away from that role, I recently looked on JOIN’s blog to find that Joe Clark, the current JV in that position, shared his own reflections on the first weekend immersion of the year.  Click the link below to learn more about how the weekend went.”

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