a day at the jvc northwest office.

Liz Purdy, Outreach and Events Coordinator, gives a glimpse into everyday life at the JVC Northwest office in Portland, OR:

The JVC Northwest office shines bright on North Williams Avenue during a rare sun break in December.
First in the office door is Melissa, Business Assistant extraordanaire, who always cheerfully answers the phone while juggling numerous other tasks.
In the midst of working with files, Clarissa, AmeriCorps Administrator, shows us some of the latest fashions: a reusable AmeriCorps logo bag and fabulous Davy Crockett hat.
Sarah, Administrative Assistant for AmeriCorps, shares her enthusiasm for AmeriCorps timesheets.
EnCorps Coordinator & Development Officer, Tom, negotiates with the copier. Sometimes, he wins. Other times, it wins.
Even JVC Northwest staff has to clean out the refrigerator sometimes! We have to set a good example for JVs, after all!
Whatever gets cleaned out of the kitchen goes to the compost!
And eventually ends up in the JVC Northwest Community Garden next to the office, where staff and community members tend to their garden plots in summer.
Back inside, we find the conference room where the magic happens every Wednesday as we gather for staff meeting…
and where we usually eat lunch together each day.
On the wall of the conference room, we keep the JV placements and names posted on a map of the five states where Northwest JVs serve. 
In her office, Martha, Administrative Assistant, displays the many ways in which spirituality is expressed at JVC Northwest. Today, Martha highlights St. Homobonus, the patron saint of business people.
On the Program side of the office, Area Director, Susan, breaks free from her cubicle to spend some time at the work table.
Like any good Area Director, Anthony is ready to recruit agencies or offer resources to JVs at a moment’s notice (and likes to make the occasional fashion statement, as well).
But no one in the office can compete with Area Director Megan’s fashion statements. She refers to this one as, “AARP meets hipster.”
Area Director, Bonnie, is slightly caught off guard when I surprise her during a phone check-in with a JV. 
After a busy time on the road recruiting, Emily returns to the office (with her suitcase always nearby) to plan her spring travels and upcoming recruitment stops.
With a full cup of coffee always on hand, Area Director Jess speaks with agencies throughout the busy agency selection process.
And at the end of a busy day at the office, staff members head to the bike shed to hop on their bikes and head home!

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