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Danielle Bastien, the Area Director for the Alaska communities, shares a reflection on the value of asking questions and an article from YES! Magazine:

The JV year is one of exploration, of asking questions of oneself, each other, and the world. What do I truly need to live simply–what is excess? How do I connect more deeply with God, the Divine, and the Source of all Life? What are the underlying causes of social and ecological injustices, and what is my role in creating change? In what ways do I contribute to community and in what ways have I created barriers to building community?

These are just a few examples of thoughtful questions related to the four values of JVC Northwest. With the theme, “Rooted in the Radical”for this JV year, JVs (and FJVs and friends) are encouraged to ask meaningful questions to get to the root of ideas, issues, and relationships.

During an election year, asking good questions is especially important. You might have already reflected on your own beliefs and values, and perhaps you have also already talked to people important to you about their beliefs and how they arrived at those ideas. The next step might be asking good questions of candidates, questions which encourage them to articulate their views and positions in a new way, questions which re-frame the conversation toward creating positive change. YES! Magazine shares this article with tips and suggestions about “How to ask candidates questions that make a difference.”

Check it out! And ask away!

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