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Elizabeth Skurdahl, Development Coordinator, describes the impact JVs have on other nonprofit organizations throughout the Northwest. 


One of the amazing things about Jesuit Volunteers in the Northwest is how many organizations they help throughout the region. This year alone, JVs serve at 107 different nonprofit agencies in the social service, health, education, environmental, and advocacy sectors in five different states.

That means over the course of their service year, JVs will touch the lives of over 120,000 vulnerable women, men, and children.

That’s pretty incredible.

During the 2012-13 service year, JVs serve at:

69 Social Service Agencies and Ministries

Like Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL) in Sitka, AK, providing independent living services to seniors and people with disabilities.

“I am taken aback by moments where individuals, who may spend each day in the same routine, thinking about the same anxieties, finally reach a sense of self-empowerment through outdoor activities, feeling valued and engaged in the community, or reaching resolution in a particularly overwhelming or stressful issue in their life.”         – Current JV Nick Ponzetti (third from left)

 12 Health Organizations

Like Terry Reilly Health Services in Boise, ID, a community clinic providing much needed medical, dental, and mental health care services for the homeless, uninsured, and under-insured.

“Having a JV RN at Terry Reilly enables the organization to offer more nursing care and education to patients, as well as to create and staff many outreach projects in the community.”

– Current JV Nurse Daniela Aguilera-Titus



16 Schools and Education Programs

Like St. Charles Mission School in Pryor, MT, a Catholic school located on the Crow Native American Reservation.


“I have realized that by being myself and laughing with these kids, I was giving them permission to be themselves. I may not be able to change the conditions in which my students live during the year I serve them, but I can make an imprint on the way they view themselves.”           

 -Current JV Caroline Cataldo

5 Environmental Agencies

Like SOLVE in Portland, OR bringing together volunteers to improve the environment and create a legacy of stewardship of the earth.

“As an Environmental Education Specialist ‘Green Team’ Leader, I have about 1,300 students that work with me throughout the year, coming out to participate in hands-on service and education. It has been an incredible experience to foster a legacy of environmental stewardship in future generations and to meet so many passionate students.”         –Current JV Nicole Poletto (middle)

5 Advocacy Organizations 

Like Lifelong AIDS Alliance in Seattle, WA empowering people living with or at risk of HIV/AIDS and other chronic conditions to lead healthier lives.

“I am learning how important advocacy work is in relation to social justice – it goes hand in hand with direct service. The significance of drafting grants and understanding federal guidelines is often overlooked, but each is vital to maintaining the programs upon which so many rely.”        

 –Current JV Jeremy Orbe

Jesuit Volunteers make a big impact on so many organizations throughout the Northwest. Their service helps these agencies carry out their vital work of making social and ecological justice a reality in our society.

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