jv christmas cheer!

This time of year, the JVC Northwest office receives Christmas cheer from all around the Northwest when JV communities send their creative, and often humorous, Christmas cards to our office. Here’s a sample from all over the region. Christmas blessings to all!

Wenatchee Xmas
Wenatchee JVs
Anchorage Xmas
Anchorage JVs
Cherry Abbey Xmas
Seattle Cherry Abbey JVs
Gresham Xmas
Gresham JVs
Hays Xmas
Hays JVs
Mac Xmas
Portland Mac JVs
Missoula Xmas
Missoula JVs
Omak Xmas
Omak JVs
Seattle Xmas
Seattle Mercy JVs
Yakima Xmas
Yakima JVs


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