Book Club Sign Ups

Based on feedback from the Former JV Survey and as part of our 60th Anniversary celebrations, we’re launching a world-wide book club in early 2016! Our hope is to have both in-person meetings across the country and also offer a “virtual book club” format.

We’ll be featuring four different books over the next year, each book focused on one of the four core values of JVC Northwest. Our first club will focus on Simple Living (February-March 2016) followed by Community (May-June 2016), Social & Ecological Justice (August- September 2016) and Spirituality (November- December 2016). Join our “Ruined Readers” across the country for community and conversation!

For more information or to register for a Book Club, visit our 60th Anniversary Book Club webpage here.

Thoughts on Book Club Sign Ups

  1. I currently live and teach in Nairobi, Kenya. I love this idea of a book club – my husband (also an FJV) will meet together to discuss the books, but we are looking forward to the self-directed reflection offered by JVC Northwest. Thanks for initiating this!

    • Hi Courtney and Derek! We are thrilled that both of you want to participate and that this book club will now take on an international flavor. Make sure you both fill out the Book Club registration form in this post (we already have yours Derek) so we can be sure your information gets in the right spot for our different Book Club mailing lists. If you have any questions feel free to make more comments or email!

  2. I currently live and teach at The International School Kenya in Nairobi and will chat about the readings with my wife Courtney (Anchorage ’93). Great idea; thanks for organizing. Be well.

  3. Wondering what is required as a facilitator. I might consider this for my city, but will not indicate such until I am fully aware of the requirements. Looking forward to self-directed reflection.

  4. Hi! I’d love to participate in a book club here in Chicago. I’d be up for facilitating if other people would like to participate but it would depend on what is required; for example, I probably couldn’t host in my home but would be happy to send out an email to coordinate where to meet etc. Thanks!

    • Hi Allison, and thanks for your interest in potentially facilitating/hosting a Book Club in Chicago. We will connect you with our Alumni Coordinator, Sarah Jones, who is handling communication and coordination among the Book Club Hosts. We’d love to have a club in Chicago given the strong FJV presence there, so be on the lookout for more info from Sarah in the very near future.

  5. I am an FJV who served in Alaska in 70-71 at Copper Valley School and I live on the east coast in Maryland. Am interested in the self-directed reflection and would love to take part in an online discussion

    • Hi Linda,
      Thanks a lot for being in touch about participating in the Book Club. As you saw, we don’t have any Book Clubs set up in Maryland (only Washington D.C.) but we are happy to keep you on the Self-Directed list and also on the Virtual Meeting list, which may take the form of an online discussion forum or a video chat, the details of which are still being worked out. We’ll keep you in the loop either way and if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to reach out.

    • Linda, you have a fellow Baltimore native that would be interested in Book Club! See Kelly Quinn’s comment from January 27!

  6. Linda, Any chance that you are in Baltimore? I just registered my interest, but forgot to list my city. Maybe we are close enough to each other that we could do something face to face in Bmore.

    • I live on the eastern shore in Ocean Pines which is outside of Ocean City. It generally takes me 3 hours to drive to Baltimore. =(

  7. Would love to meet with FJVs around Sacramento. I currently live just east of Auburn off I80. I can work to find a meeting space in Sacramento if need be, or I can participate in the virtual meeting or self-directed studies. What ever makes sense. Looking forward to it!

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for your interest in hosting. If you’ve filled out the registration form above already and indicated that you’d be willing to host in Sacramento, thank you! If you haven’t we will make sure your interest in hosting is passed on to our Alumni Coordinator, Sarah Jones, who is in charge of communicating with Book Club Hosts. Thanks for your interest and if we can’t make Sacramento a go, we look forward to having you participate in the Virtual Meeting or Self-Directed option.

  8. I feel I am a bit late for the meeting in West Linn. Can you tell me when they are meeting. Jane Mize. JVE Jesuit Volunteer Encore( we are old over 55 but we still care).

    • You’re not too late! Due to the mass number of registrations we extended the deadline to February 7th. Since this has just passed our Alumni Coordinator will be sending the Hosts in each location the registration info for folks interested in meeting in that location, which means you should be hearing from your Host soon. If you are a Host yourself then you can expect info about your potential attendees this week. Please email our Alumni Coordinator at with any other questions, and thanks for being a part of this!

  9. I volunteer to be a host at an Eastside public library for Community (May-June 2016), Social & Ecological Justice (August- September 2016) and Spirituality (November- December 2016).

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